Why should your online project be Responsive?

Responsive" design is one of the maxims underpinning many of the new websites being created because of the relevance it is gaining in the sector. It is the process of adapting a website to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, something that is increasingly necessary due to the latest developments announced by Google. If there is one thing that characterizes these responsive pages, it is that they take advantage of the resources of mobile devices so that the experience of users is supported by them and that they do not simply find a website identical to the one they would see from a computer. providing a design of this type is fundamental now that Google intends to update its algorithm to carry out a penalty on pages that have not incorporated it.

Google aims to ensure that all users, whether they use a computer or a smartphone, can view web pages quickly and correctly, thus encouraging companies to embrace the responsive model. Being able to respond to the needs of users with a website adapted to mobile phones is key to obtaining the best growth and the most beneficial results for any business. The applications are alternatives and are only used by a part of the public, accessing the rest of the pages from their mobile browsers and therefore the responsive design must be taken care of in all aspects. There are some companies that do not need to implement the responsive design because they were born, from the beginning, with a website that was prepared for it.

This is the case of presupuestosaireacondicionado.com, who will not have to make any adjustments to conform to the new Google guidelines. The rest of the pages, if they want to maintain their SEO position and not be penalized, will have to respond to the needs of the market and make the leap to responsive design.

Emma Ouellet
Emma Ouellet

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