The new professions of the future within the Internet

When we talk about professions of the future, we usually refer to work linked to new technologies which, although it is true that, at present, are not yet widely established, it is more than likely that, in the coming years, they will have a great demand for qualified workers. Having said that, it should also be stressed that, in most cases, these jobs will be applicable to any sector. In any case, there are a number of aspects whose mastery will be vital in the years to come. The first of these is language skills, which seem to be a prerequisite for access to an increasingly globalised labour market.

Moreover, we are not only talking about English, a language whose mastery is nowadays practically vital, but also about other languages such as French, Chinese or German, while mastering computers and new technologies will also be a sine qua non requirement to access these new professions. The fact is that, today, we can already see how most companies need to have a presence on the Internet to compete. Finally, the other aspect that cannot be forgotten is that of teamwork, since coordination is something essential to face new projects. At this point, it is time to talk about the sectors that will have more demand for workers in the future.

The first of these is health, since the increase in life expectancy and the gradual ageing of the population will mean that there will be a greater need for doctors, nurses and carers. Business and economic professionals such as operations managers, market analysts and salespeople will also have a guaranteed future, and we could go a little further and say that the air-conditioning sector will experience a major boom in the coming years. The climate change seems to be causing temperatures in both winter and summer to become increasingly extreme. For example, it is enough to say that the installation of air conditioning systems in Alicante, a city always characterized by its mild climate, has shot up in recent times.

Tourism experts, managers and creators of online video games, especially for mobile media or farmers in the vicinity will also manage to make a significant gap in the market and enjoy a stable future. Likewise, we cannot forget to mention that the education sector will be booming. Someone will have to teach these new workers about their profession.

Emma Ouellet
Emma Ouellet

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