Continue to monitor shares of e-commerce companies

Continue to monitor shares of e-commerce companiesRocket Internet has set an example in Germany: the successful development of services on the Internet can often lead to a successful stock market entry. The more popular the Internet becomes, the more innovative and interesting services are used and the companies behind them become correspondingly more successful. Germany in particular, for example, has become an important centre for fintech companies in recent years. However, the latest trend - albeit one that has been going on for years - is still e-commerce.

With the changes in global trade and concerns around climate, regional, local and country-owned products seem to be on the rise again. It is worth taking a look at the companies that are promoting this development in Germany.The e-commerce boom continues in GermanyIt is similar to digital payments: German consumers were sceptical about developments on the Internet for quite a while. Only gradually did they recognize the many advantages associated with convenient shopping on the Internet. And the more consumers got involved, the more there was a change in thinking among decision-makers in companies.

Today, it is the norm for a retailer to have an online shop and for the company to rely on digital solutions. For Germany, this means that the e-commerce boom is continuing and the growth of the industry is almost unchecked. The reasons for this boom are not only to be found in the fact that trade via the Internet has finally reached the consumer. It is also due to the fact that in this day and age it is so easy to put your own shop on the Internet.

Simple technical solutions and the design with the help of instructions or experts allow access for almost any company - no matter what size and no matter what industry. This has given rise to experts in the fields of services and commerce on the Internet in recent years, and many of them are already flirting with going public.Start-ups are always a good investment target in GermanyIn fact, the number of start-ups has grown significantly in recent years. More and more new ideas with more and more new innovations are waiting to be implemented on the market, perhaps calling one or the other old business model into question in the process. While institutional investors or business angels alone secure their share in the growth phase, there are now many companies from the e-commerce and FinTech sectors that are having an IPO examined or are already in the planning phase.

For investors, this means that they should look closely at the various possibilities and opportunities arising from this trend.The Americans have led the way: many of the startups that have emerged here in recent years are now among the global market leaders in their fields. Early investment is a clear opportunity. This is also because the market has by no means exhausted its potential. New ideas are always being realised and thus new opportunities for investment are always being created.

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